Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Easter Weekend 2018

Easter weekend, we made a quick trip up to Oklahoma. We got to Granny's house just before midnight on Friday night. By the time we got up (which was much earlier than we wanted to, thanks kids, after such a long evening) both kids had been in bed with us. Fun. The kids were happy to see Grandma and Papa McConnell at Granny's house. After breakfast we headed to the farm.


Cute Kayla sitting in the little rocking chair at Granny's. She's always loved this chair. Look at those cute baby Kayla pictures!!

Papa fishing. 

Cute boy!

Jacob fishing

Cuddling and playing with Grandma

She was being a stinker and did not want to look at the camera. I'm impressed with the cute shots of her that I managed to get.

She was too busy looking for all the flowers to pick.

^^^ So many little flowers. Lol.

Lots of playing in the back of the truck, and "driving" both ours and Papas trucks. Wilson was so cute. He kept demanding "keys" from me. He knew he needed to keys to make the truck go. I love that little boy. Also sort of awkward but I'm seriously impressed so I'm going to share it... Sunday morning he was up way to early and I needed to pee... and so he insisted on going to the bathroom with me. When he heard me peeing he said "poo poo" (which he meant as pee) and then as I was about to go for the toilet paper he said "wet wipe". I was so impressed that he knew that after you go to the bathroom, you gotta wipe. I have no idea if that's actually supposed to be impressive or not, but I was proud. Hahahaha.

After lunch and a sad excuse for a nap (Wilson), we dyed some Easter eggs.

Kayla had fun.
I got some weird thing from the Dollar General in the small town that Granny lives in. It comes with little bags, and you put the egg in the bag and drop dye on it and kind of rub it on and around the egg. It's supposed to be like a tie-dye look. It worked well enough. ^She was happy, so I guess that was the most important part of the experience.

Love my baby girl

Trying to teach Kayla to take a picture of us...

Almost there...

Got it ;)

Cute kids just hanging out outside. It's their happy place. I mean look at that dirty, happy little boy!!

Swinging with Daddy and Papa

Finished eggs

After dying eggs, I gave the kids baths. I thought they'd like that the tub at Granny's house has a jacuzzi feature. I filled it up just passed the jets... and then found out the hard way (water everywhere... look how soaked my shirt is!) that it needs to be more than a few inches above the jets. Haha.

And then I found a tick on Kayla. Luckily it wasn't burrowed in and came right off. Jacob had already had me check him for ticks, because he had a big one on his jacket and he was worried about it. After we found this on Kayla we were all worried. No one else found any... (until you see later in the post)

Easter morning. Ya'll... I'm so anti commercialized holidays. (Mainly I hate the way easter and Christmas are all about presents and going all out on things totally unrelated to what the holiday is truly about. But I'm also super into traditions. So don't mind me over here trying to find a happy medium. My mom got Kayla this cute bag with her name for her 1st Halloween. We love it and I've used it for several things the past few years. So I decided to get Wilson a similar one. (Although I waited until the week of and barely got it in the mail in time. I'll probably add his name to it later.) In their bags they got church coloring books (one about families and one about the new testament), church books (daughter of a king for K and parables taught by Jesus for kids for W), a small toy (little Belle and Darth Vader figures), and a snack (some little nabisco snack cups).

Easter egg hunt. For this we hid the eggs that we dyed. I've never done that before, but that's how Jacob's family always did it growing up. I'm all for continuing family traditions. And I didn't want to give my kids a bunch of candy that I don't want either them or me to eat. (I already went through a bag of Reese's eggs the week before easter and I bought some more the day after easter. Don't take it as me being anti candy. Lol. I'm just trying to make better choices for my kids than I do for myself. And I don't care if other people give them stuff. I just don't want them to think it should be a regular occurrence from me. I'm such a weird and mean mom I guess. Anyways.....

Cute kids looking for eggs.

Honestly I thought about letting Kayla do this while Wilson took his nap. I didn't think he'd get anything out of it. And I think he had like 2 or 3 eggs. But I'm glad we had him in on it too. He was super cute and he had fun.

After the Easter egg hunt we headed to Aunt Kathy's house for Easter lunch. Kayla fell asleep just before we got there. Jacob went to lay her down in the guest bed and when he did, she woke up. She opened her eyes and said "Aunt Kathy's house" (based off of the ceiling she woke up to, and maybe bc we had been telling her we were going. haha). That girl has a crazy good memory!! Once she was up the first thing she wanted to do was go play with toys. (Aunt Kathy really does have some fun toys to play with) Both kids were so happy up there. And it's kind of nice to be at a point where my kids can be upstairs playing at someone else's house and I don't have to feel like I need to hover over them the entire time.

Sadly we had to leave pretty much as soon as we were done with lunch. We still had a 6+ hour drive home. Kathy surprised us and had the sweetest Easter gifts to give the kids before we left (I have no problem if other people want to spoil my kids. Like I said I'm probably just a mean Mom and won't give them lots of presents and candy myself. Lol.) I was shocked that she had gone out of her way to give the kids some presents. Although I shouldn't have been... She is one of the sweetest, most kind, and generous people I know. Kayla got a cute little tea set and a Fancy Nancy book, and Wilson got a little lawn mower that blows bubbles when you push it. And they both got a little goodie bag of some treats. I was so touched that she went out of her way to do such a nice thing for us. And the kids loved the gifts!

Wilson playing with a little car from his easter goodie bag.

Monday evening (we were at the farm on Saturday morning), we found this guy on the window in the truck. Seriously? Another tick? I'm just glad he wasn't on any of us. Although, now I'm still paranoid... Lol.

Playing with the lawn mower

They spent all day playing with the tea set too. They like to put a spoon in the cup and pretend to stir and then sip from the spoon. They especially like to give drinks from the spoons to each other. And lucky me got plenty of sips all morning too ;) Love those sweet kiddos. (I'll have to try to get some videos or pics of that another day.) They both really enjoyed the lawn mower too. They pushed it around the house most of the morning. When Jacob got home we all went outside and I put the bubbles in it. They really enjoyed it then!

March 2018

Kayla's first time at a Home Depot kid's workshop. They do them the first Saturday of each month. I think I need to send Jacob with her next time, because I'm a control freak and it's probably ok if she does it her way, all on her own. Haha. She had a lot of fun none the less ;)

Anywhere I go in the house, the kids aren't far behind. They're normally next to me, at me feet, or literally on top of me. No personal space in this house... At least for me...

They're sweet though. Good thing ;)

For my birthday we went to the Louisiana Boardwalk. The kids love the water fountains there! We ate some delicious food at Copeland's Cheesecake Bistro. (So yummy!!) And walked around the stores.

Being silly at the gym

Leftovers from my birthday dinner. It was a shrimp, sausage, and chicken penne? (don't ask me to pronounce "penne"... no matter how many times Jacob tells me, I can't say it. Haha)

Playing outside

The kids could spend all day outside!

Watching the reflections from the sun light hitting the sequins on Kayla's pillow

He wasn't a big fan of the sand. Somehow it got on his tongue. Lol.

We spent the night in Bryan the night before my brother's wedding. And I got my fix of Gumby's pepperoni rolls and jalapeƱo ranch dip. I miss the food in CS. Haha.

And the next morning I got to go for a jog at Wolf Pen Creek. I love this park! We miss living here.

Playing in Grandma and Papa's backyard

Waiting for Stephen and Angela's wedding ceremony to start

Love my forever date


Wilson was attached to Alyssa or Papa Ruske the whole night!

Love my cute family

Bella & Kayla

Bella, Kayla, & Elizabeth

Bella, Kayla, Elizabeth, Wilson, Alyssa, Logan, & Brody. Every time I'd try to take a picture, another cousin would jump in. Haha.

Elizabeth, Bella, Henley, & Kayla

Kayla was out spinning on the dance floor the entire night!! She LOVED it!

Congratulations to my brother and his bride! We love you guys!

Photo booth with Bella right before we left

Some more Photo Booth pics

Before we left Katy the next day, we stopped at Buc-ee's to check out the world's longest car wash. Wilson normally screams most of the time we go through a car wash. Jacob grabbed his hand before we went in this one, and he was fine as long as he was holding hands. So sweet. And I think he's almost over his fear. Lol.

It was huge!!

Cuddling and holding hands with Daddy!

I was sitting on the couch eating an apple and Kayla said something to me about a pig. I was like "did she just call me a pig!?" But then she ran to the toy room and came back with this. Hahaha. Ok, she's forgiven ;)

Sometimes when Wilson is mad, he bites... This is probably the worst he's done. Ugh.

Delicious dinner I made one night!

Seriously, it makes me incredibly happy to not only have my kids eat what I make, but to actually enjoy it!!

Playing outside with bubbles

My beautiful flower loving girl!

I am not a photographer. But I love that I have a high quality camera (Much better than my iPhone. Lol.) to get some shots of the kids. Even if I just use it on automatic. One day I'll learn to actually use it. Until then, I'm satisfied with what I've got. Haha.

Jacob working on refinishing the dresser that was my grandmothers.

This kid has a serious temper...

He loves sitting on lawn mowers and "driving". Not so fun when you take him off though...

The kids took my drink from me. A least they were being super sweet and taking turns drinking it. Lol.

Helping Daddy mow the lawn.

Ya'll... My husband is so important in my kids lives. There have been so many things lately where I've been reminded how much they need him. He and I are so different in so many ways (and I think we balance each other out really well), I just can't help but think about how much my kids need Jacob. 

I would not be able to teach them anything about or how to appreciate cars, and working outside, and getting dirty, and mowing the lawn, and playing frisbee, and chilling on an old truck, and being goofy, etc. etc. etc. He is so important in their lives. And they love him so stinking much. Small rant over.

Hanging out with Daddy on his old truck. The kids both love this truck just as much as he does. They love "driving" it. And they love when he turns it on for them.

Chilling on the lawn mower

I love this because he's so sweet. It just makes me smile to look at his cute face.

Trying to put an earring on. Lol.

It's in his ear. Hahaha.

He's SO messy!! Meal times drive me crazy because he makes a huge mess. He insists he has to be at the big, tall table. And that he has to feed himself. No help at all. He's so big and independent. 

I sure love the little stinker!!

Improved "Rey" hair

Did I mention Wilson chews on everything!?

Learning how to cook some no bake cookies. These are Jacob's specialty. She's got a good Daddy.

Singing along to the music at the beginning of The Office. Lol.

Wearing sister's boots and staring out the window.
I don't know if I mentioned it, but like 2 or 3 days after we put these blinds in, he destroyed them. So now several are taped up (we can probably shorten it and switch the broken ones out... but we'll wait until he's older ;P) and we keep them pushed out of his reach when he's awake. Lol.

Trying to expand my hair styles.

Reading with Papa!

Showing Papa the Boardwalk. We showed it to Grandma when she was here in January. 

I say "howdy" all the time and no one else does. Also all of my shirts are maroon, A&M, or Texas related. Lol.

Checking out the museum on base. It was really neat to walk through. And outside they have tons of retired planes. And Jacob could go on and on about all of it. Plus the kids are obsessed with the "big, big planes". So if you come visit us, we'll probably take you here. Haha.

So the week before this I saw something online about a ticket lottery for a Jason Mraz concert. It was for tickets in the first 6 rows. Cool I thought. Probably won't get it but why not try. And then it asked for your credit card info because if you got it, it was $15 a ticket. So then I was super skeptical... but for some reason I went through with it anyways. (Smart, right? ;P) Then I found out I got picked! (I was honestly worried until they scanned our tickets and we walked into the building. Hahaha.) So my parents were nice enough to drive up to us and spend their anniversary watching our kids so we could go out. It was nice, because we never go out without the kids. And the concert was AMAZING!!!! And I think we got a steal of a deal with $15 a ticket. Lol.

Finishing our dinner at Twisted Root Burger. Their fried pickles and dipping sauce ARE SO DANG GOOD!!

Our seats. We were in the 6th row with a perfect view. (Even with people in front of us. Lol.)

Love this guy!!

Jacob Mraz was so incredible! He has an amazing voice! (Phenomenal acoustic!!) He is hilarious and a fantastic entertainer! About 10 minutes in to the concert I realized that he sings mine and Jacob's "song" I won't give up. (I don't think Jacob believed me that I just realized that, but I did. Lol.) It ended up being the last song he played and I was so happy!!!

"You and I"

"Lucky" and making jokes


"I won't give up"

We got "egged" one Sunday afternoon. They made good time. I had just closed the curtains in the living room 10 or 15 minutes before we got the knock on the door. The kids had a great time getting all the eggs out of the yard. It was a really sweet thing someone did!

He's so stinking mischievous... I may or may not have joked to Jacob that the two little bruises on his forehead are "the marks from where they cut the horns off"... Who knows if I actually said it or not... Lol.

Jacob finally finished my grandma's dresser! He did so good! It looks great!!

We didn't really take any before pics, but if you look at the bottom of the mirror, thats what it looked like before. The night stand is already sanded down.

Done staining and about to put the finish on

The finished product. New handles and all! I've got a pretty talented man ;)

Kayla can do this 24 piece puzzle all by herself. I don't know if that's good for her age or anything... I'm pretty proud of her though!!! 

Cute, silly girl!

Holding hands and talking about best friends. Lol.

Wilson shenanigans