Wednesday, July 26, 2017

June 2017

They are so alike in looks and in personality!

Sweet little boy <3

"I see youuuu!"

This never gets old to her. Haha.

Sleepy baby

Happy kiddos!

She loves wearing my shoes, any chance she gets!

So in to her movie on the way to Grandma's house. Lol.

I love it when she actually poses for something. That cheese is the cutest!! She is definitely her Daddy's daughter. Her and Wilson both, actually. They love anything that goes!!

Pool time with cousins!

The frog slide was her favorite!!

Love my babies!

Sweet, sweet cousins!

He loves to play and splash in the water!

Not even a few miles down the road and they both crashed!!

And the sunburn afterwards because I put sunblock on everyone but myself :P

The house starting to look empty. We've moved everything into storage and are currently living with family while Jacob is in basic training.

Trying to capture some little moments together, knowing that time is running out before Jacob leaves. We went to CiCi's pizza for dinner. Kayla loves pizza... but she also had a ton of fun playing in the arcade. Jacob won her a ball and she got some candy from the tickets that we won!

The CS Gold's Gym has a really awesome bulletin board artist! I took this one for the Star Wars loving, father of my children ;)

Crazy kid turned himself around in the high chair at Chipotle!! He does this in shopping carts all the time, too!

I let Wilson chew on my water bottle while I was changing the kids into dry clothes after playing at the splash pad. And I had noticed he got spit up on me, but just kind of wiped it up and moved on. When we got into the car I drank some water... and it did not taste good. At the first stop light, I looked down to see spit up all over the top of my bottle......... I felt sick the rest of the afternoon....... Yuck!

Kayla and Wilson both love sitting on this shelf at Grandma & Papa McConnell's house!

Again, trying to soak up every moment before he leaves. Also, I've been trying to be better about putting more effort into/taking better care of myself. Working out, eating better, wearing real clothes, wearing my contacts more often, and putting a small amount of makeup on at least for church.

Father's Day 2017
We are so incredibly grateful for Jacob and all that he does for us. He is such an amazing father (and husband). He makes each of us better people. And he works so hard for all of our happiness. I'm so proud of who he is, who he's working to become, and for all of his hard work for our benefit!! We love him SO much!! (And miss him incredibly!!!! 29 more days!!!)

Cleaning/decluttering as I was packing everything up to go into storage, and I found these. The one on the left is a list of reasons why I should skip 7th period. And on the right is the detention slip I got for skipping 7th period. I thought it was pretty funny! Hahaha.

Making silly faces!

Cray kid! She sure is cute though!!

Tired girl!

Sweet cousin Alyssa helping Wilson walk!

Kayla grabbed an apple because she saw her cousin do it... and then she started eating at the bottom of it. I thought it was funny. She clearly is unfamiliar with eating a whole apple.

We went up to Dallas so that Jacob could help the Esquivels fix their boat. Wilson was so interested in what Daddy was doing outside!

Cute baby boy playing! The kids both love Aunt Missy's house because she lets them do all the things that I don't. Hahaha!

At the trampoline park with cousins!

Kayla really enjoyed it!

Cleaning up the house.

Grandma McConnell watched the kids a few mornings, while we cleaned out our place. One day Kayla got a big box to play with. When we came back so that Grandma could go to work, I gave her some crayons (and Jacob gave her a little light, it was pretty dark in that big box) so that she could go to town on it.

I realized it got super quiet and I looked over to find her passed out!! Lol!

The next morning we got up early to finish up a few things at our old place. I had left some things that I needed in the room that the kids were sleeping in. And Wilson had already woken up, but was contently playing in his crib. So Jacob slithered on the floor to grab what I needed and slithered back out. Wilson didn't even notice. It was kind of awesome and hilarious! It's hard to tell but the pic is of Jacob on the floor.

Just cleaning the carpets...

And we're done! Sweaty and gross... but done!

It was incredibly bittersweet to say goodbye to this place. I mean it was going to happen about this time either way because we had simply grown out of it. But still it's sad. I moved in right before we got married, and then Jacob joined me, he's started a few jobs since we've been there, we had Kayla, my boss was super awesome and worked with me to be able to get in a few hours every week (it worked out that it gave Kayla & me insurance for a whole year longer than I thought we'd have with Walgreens) I started staying home full time, we had Wilson, and I could go on and on. So many memories and milestones!! This place was good to us!

Kayla bowling for the 1st time! She had a blast!

I took this because I scored over 100. Hahaha. And then Jacob said something about "you took it because it was Kayla's first time bowling, right?" ...yeah...sure...

Cuddling Daddy <3

Whenever Jacob would tell him no, Wilson would get the saddest quivering lip and just melt. It was so cute and sad. Some times he'd even throw in some sad whimpers! Lol!

May 2017


My attempt at french braiding Kayla's hair. I didn't realize how crooked it was until I was finished. Haha. Also it's hard braiding her hair... it's so thin and slick! ...And it still has some growing to do. Better luck next time. Lol.

Playing some what nicely together at Grandma's house. Long enough for me to take a pic ;P

I had to save these... They were our pictures in LDS tools, probably since they were taken. It was one of my first Sundays in the single's ward, and probably shortly before that for Jacob. We were such babies!! These pictures kill me! Hahaha!

Bella loving at baby Wilson

We love our sweet cousin, Bella!

Kayla loves seeing the puppy at Target... even the ones sticking out of the boxes above the dollar section. She gets SO excited. "Hi puppy!!!" Haha.

Sweet cuddles

Trying to capture a nice sunset one evening after walking (and Jacob's first time running in who knows how long. hahaha) at a track

Crazy kid!

We finally sold our piano... Well I posted it for sale in May... It took until June to finally sell it. We are so going to miss having one. That just means I need to search for another good priced one when we finally get into a new place ;) But really, we've loved having a piano in our house, even though Jacob and I have been terrible at practicing/using it. I think it has been so good for the kids. And I can tell that they both really like music, so I hope to get another one in the nearer future and instill that love for music in them.

We also finally sold my car. It was bitter sweet. Seriously. I've been driving it since a few months after I turned 16 all the way up until I was pregnant with Wilson. Happy to put that money towards paying off debt... but sad to say goodbye to something that's been with me for so many big things.

Cute, cute girl. I love when she has little buns. They just never stay very long.

At the Houston Zoo celebrating cousin Harrison's 3rd birthday

I love this crazy girl!

Happy babies!

On the train

Wilson was OK as long as the whistle wasn't blowing. It really scarred him and he started bawling. Poor thing. But it was kind of hilariously cute. Lol.

This little girl adores her Daddy!! Monkey see, monkey do!

How cute is that face?!

This really freaks me out... but it also makes them both smile so big. So, it kind of cracks me up. Hahaha! Seriously, Wilson loves it!

On the way to downtown Houston on a Monday morning for a doctors appointment... I'll remember to never do that again... Anyways, these 2 guys in the cars in front of me were legit having a conversation through their windows... I mean were we mostly stopped, but still... Really?

Officially in the Air Force. I'm so proud of this man! This was such a happy text. I hadn't heard from him since like 9 or 10 pm the night before. I had no idea what was going on... or how difficult it is to get in to the military... Did you know something like a wart can disqualify you? Crazy. Anyways, happy day for him & our family, and just the beginning! His first swear in was on May 15th... and he left for basic training on July 3rd. Everything definitely started happening fast once he decided he was ready to move forward.

Poor kid had FOUR teeth coming in at once!!! That's crazy!!! And it brought his total to 8 teeth!

Happy babies means for a happy Mommy!
And side note: I had just gotten back from the gym so I was all red faced and hot and sweaty (even though it doesn't show that much in the pic). I can proudly say I've now been so good about going pretty consistently and am finally starting to see some results. Gah! That's the most frustrating part... waiting to see results. Still a work in progress though, and I've got a while to get where I want to be... but I'm getting there!

Sick baby... Happy baby. At least there's that! Ha. So Kayla got sick... then got me sick... then 2 weeks later I was sick again. It was so freaking miserable!!! Jacob was a huge help those 2 weekends that I was down though!!

Wilson started biting me and it reminded me of a pic that I have of Kayla doing the same thing. I looked it up and they could definitely be twins! Haha.

My sweet, sweet husband is SO GOOD!!!! I've been eyeing this piece by Caitlin Connolly ever since I first saw it. I only remember mentioning it to him the first time I saw it. But he totally surprised me with it for Mother's Day and I LOVE IT!!! And I love him!!! (Seriously it's been almost a month with nothing but a little note and one letter. I miss that guy like crazy!!!!!! 30 days until I get to see him though!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

This pic makes me crack up!!! So she loves books! And she's gotten good at memorizing them like immediately. She definitely gets that from Jacob. Anyways one night she totally started singing this all on her own. It's a book that I sing to hear. It was adorable!! So I made her grab the book and take a pic with it so I would remember. Lol. Highly recommend anything by Sandra Boynton BTW!!

One night we were waiting in the truck while Jacob ran in to O'Reilys and Kayla goes "Puppy! Hi puppy!" and I'm kind of confused and ask her where she sees it... and she points next to the building to a raccoon! I was dying!! It was so funny!!! We were there for like 5 or 10 minutes and it happened a few times!

Finally got a little date night in with my love <3 We went to the drive in theater just us. I love him... and miss him terribly... Sorry... it's the middle of him being gone and it's kind of hard. But honestly I'm doing WAY better than I thought I would. Seriously. So that's a plus!

Memorial Day 2017

Cute baby boy in Daddy's hat!

They both LOVE playing the piano!! We're really going to miss it... until we get another one ;) We just didn't want to store and move it who knows where we will end up going with the Air Force.

He loves when I tell him "no". He just giggles and giggles. It's cute, except he's not exactly listening. But it is cute. Lol.

She kept saying this over and over again. It sounded so familiar. It took me a while, but I finally figured out that she was singing the chorus to "I am a Child of God". "Lead me, guide me, walk beside me. Help me find the way." So cute! She actually sings it really well now, I need to record it.

I wonder where he learned how to take all of the DVDs out of the drawer. *insert eye roll* Haha. He sure is cute making messes though! What's not so cute is the even bigger mess all around that was already made by him & big sister...